Pandemic Policy

In view of recent events, we are issuing our policy with regard to the current and any future pandemics.

Please be assured, that all measures we have put in place are for the mutual safety of our staff and clients.

Until further notice, please be advised that all face to face group meetings both within our offices and offsite will be postponed. Our Site Managers will discontinue scheduled and routine visits to site, however, they will be calling directors to discuss any issues and will attend site if necessary. While on site, they will practice advised hygiene and social distancing protocols and we kindly request owners respect and bear this in mind to take similar precautions.

Public access to our offices is also now under restriction. Telephone meetings are available as an alternative upon request.

Currently a normal and full telephone service is in place. There may, however, be issues should any of our staff become affected or if government or the WHO issues directives.

We have made provision to provide a continuity of service by arranging for all staff to work from home subject to risk assessments being able to be carried out as per current guidelines.

Despite these extraordinary arrangements, we will endeavour to continue to deliver the same high level of service, however, access to resources and contractors may hinder some services. It may also not be possible to access remote systems resulting in decisions being made based upon information provided by callers for which we can accept no liability.

Please also note that although we will endeavour to handle and process calls it is likely that we will not be able to progress issues because we fully anticipate contractors and other service providers to experience their own service delivery issues when their service providers become unavailable. Furthermore, we could not request our staff or contractors to attend any site where we have been made aware of contagion or even self-isolating persons.


This policy will be reviewed regularly and in line with advice as per the links below and re-issued as necessary: